Just wrote a new blog but I mustn't have logged out last time so I'm not sure if it registered.I had to log in twice.I'll write something more next.


I have to admit that I'm still a bit rocky,but I have kept 'knocking it on the head 'so I'm thrilled that from being continually broke I've managed to save £1,000 pounds.Yeah! It's not a lot of money but it's quite an achievement for me.I don't even have a lot of money each week to save anything from! Giving up my bank cards has been a blessing and gave me a breathing space.

I wish more people kept in touch with the site.It helps to keep you focussed.I haven't been on for a while,but I do check it out now and then.

Hope you're well Prokopton :-)


If you're reading this chances are you've reached the end or close to the end of your rope.

What you need to hear is a gambler in action is illogical and irrational. You feel crazy at times because you're submerged in a crazy life with a person under the influence of the gambler's delusion.

You're never going to make sense of what's going on so instead surrender and accept it's illogical, irrational and delusional nature.

Time to live again

"Years later and the gambler is still in the same place. You're not even sure if they notice time as it passes them by.

You just know you're done letting time pass you by.

You've been living again and life has been good.

You find yourself so appreciative of the good and positive things in your life.

You now stop and smell the roses."

Day 6

Last few mornings I woke up with the urge to place a bet. Today was different. I woke up with an urge to focus on work. Last night was my first day back to muay thai, this was something that always kept me grounded and my mind off anything else. I feel when I am doing muay thai my mind does not think of any problems in my life or desires to gamble. Even after I am done I feel much better about my mind and body.