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Just wrote a new blog but I mustn't have logged out last time so I'm not sure if it registered.I had to log in twice.I'll write something more next.


I have to admit that I'm still a bit rocky,but I have kept 'knocking it on the head 'so I'm thrilled that from being continually broke I've managed to save £1,000 pounds.Yeah! It's not a lot of money but it's quite an achievement for me.I don't even have a lot of money each week to save anything from! Giving up my bank cards has been a blessing and gave me a breathing space.

I wish more people kept in touch with the site.It helps to keep you focussed.I haven't been on for a while,but I do check it out now and then.

Hope you're well Prokopton :-)

New Beginnings!

We'll soon be on page one of a new year,so I thought I'd wish everyone out there a happy,secure,productive 2016 +,full of positive hopes and aspirations and the energy to turn around all the negative stuff that's gone before!

Words of encouragement can help keep you on track when you feel wobbly! ( Thanks Prokopton!).

Go on your own personal Crusade to slay the Gambling Demon and may 'The force be with you'!.

Love and best wishes.Corash.

Regret and hope!

When everyone with a serious gambling problem reaches the realisation that it's a habit that's caused nothing but grief they're filled with regret,sadness and despair.

The only way back is to try to repair any damage caused,and if this seems impossible simply keep on going back to page one and trying a new start! Never give up trying to do this,however hopeless it may seem.The very fact that you are trying brings hope, restores self esteem,and makes you stronger.


Here I am again after quite a long calm break.

I have been reading the recent stories from people struggling with addiction.People in worse positions than me,and sadly there's no magic cure.just hard work and continually watching over yourself.

I'm still trying to make it back,but if I take my eyes off the board and relax,it can come back.

I gave in to it two weeks ago.I didn't break the bank however because I'd saved some money up when I'd quit,which easily covered what I spent.I was disgusted with myself though and I'm watching myself harder than ever.