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Doing really well! Nice to be able to say that!

Totally consumed by my art project and have had amazing feedback from interesting people all over the world.

Totally building up my finances,,to buy frames and prints in the new lots to keep gambling at bay.

A few months ago,I never would have believed this was possible!

X for your back up.



Cutting up the credit card felt like another hit on my independence and pride at first but when I'd swallowed that pill and saw my bank account building up so fast I was really happy! Thanks Prokopton!

Also thanks to my son's encouragement my art project is taking off.I've got some great feedback and he's talking having prints made so have been very occupied.The good news is,I haven't had the urge to gamble.

How do I feel today?

I felt really down last week when I got carried away, and after a long stretch of doing so well too.:-( But---today I feel positive again.

.I was able to get my finances straightened out.It hurt my savings of course but at least I didn't mess up anyone else.

So --- it's back to page one.

I've pulled out all my unfinished art work from under the bed so I'm keeping very busy to take my mind off things.

Next week is a new beginning,so must watch myself and not get complacent.Must quit!!!


When you realise that your gambling demon is having a laugh at your expense and not the other way round it brings to mind the people who didn't realise or get help in time.Those who are in a real mess or have broken the law.

I've read the interviews with some of these people and it's very sad.Sometimes good things come from the bad however and it does reinforce the desire to keep on trying to give up.

Today and tomorrow!

Hate to admit that I'm not completely there yet:-(

Have done brilliantly up to now,but it's a big ask and a big hill.I've rolled back a little,but fortunately not rock bottom.

My son bought me into a website for my artwork and I was on a high.Maybe that was the trigger.

I hate admitting this.Must get back on track.