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Won't be going out for any treats for a while.Life's struck me down with flue! The good news is that I'm not out spending money:-)

Nearly the end of the week.

By Thursday I'm usually pulling my hair out.I used to set out nearly every day to buy scratch cards and by this time of the week know I'd be going overdrawn.Not this week!

Trip to town!

Got so I was worried when I had to go shopping in town.Promised myself that I wouldn't buy any scratch cards but because I needed to go in the post office spent £10 on two.Scared myself and rushed out!I had quite a bit of money on me that I'd saved at home so I felt shaky but managed get all my jobs done and put what was left into the bank.Whew!

It's not all bad though because I've now saved a bit of money over the last couple of weeks and I'm more aware.I was quite proud that I didn't spend lots of money on them like I usually do.


Since I've been on this site I've become stronger at walking away.

When you're able to be open about your situation,your progress and even your set backs it's like being on the outside of yourself looking in.It helps you to make judgments on yourself and look at ways to help curb/stop the gambling.

A new day.

It's the start of a new day and I'm asking myself wether it may be better to go onto a UK site,where,maybe scratch card gambling is more of an issue.

The debts from my gambling addiction have been in the hundreds rather than the thousands and haven't been related to heavy betting on- line or in casinos.They have now been repayed and because I've handed over my finances to my husband,and until I've managed to quit completley,they are manageable.

My circumstances aren't as dire as some of those I've read about on this site.