Corash's blog

Struggling to get used to the site!

I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to going on- line I have only used my I- pad to get information and to communicate with my family and have never been inclined to interact on any of the usual sites,i don't really know how to use this one properly yet and I've even replied to my own replies when I want to add something.Hope it all clicks into place soon or you'll all give up on me.Apart from these blips I'm gaining my confidence back from being here and am now on day 5.i have to go out tomorrow to visit my mother and to shop!!!

Difficulties on this site.

I am new to blogging and have made some mistakes.I got confused between comments and replies and I was told that I'm not authourised to comment.Hope I don't mess up again.,What am I doing wrong? Hope this is OK.

New start!

Registered on the site,I'm new to this and it's hard for me to get used to it! A few years ago my son bought me this I.pad as a distraction to help me give up smoking.i suppose you could say that I was a compulsive smoker. I managed it ,but ironically was found to have lung cancer shortly after and now I've got to master giving up gambling! I've got a lot of help from all the information and comments here already and I've gone 5 days now without to much angst.

Scratch card gambling.

Avoiding places that sell scratch cards is impossible,so that's a 'no go'!What to do is why I've decided to visit this site.After reading some of the blogs think it may help.