The cost of gambling addiction

"From my youth I was immeasurably given to table games; through them I made the acquintance of Francisco Sforza, Duke of Milan, and many friends among the nobles. But through the long years I devoted to them, nearly forty, it is not easy to tell how many of my possessions I have lost without compensation. But the dice treated me even worse, because I instructed my sons in the game and opened my house to gamblers. For this I have only feeble excuses: poor birth and the fact that I was not inept at the game...

My life stopped the first day I started gambling

Woman with gambling addiction admits to casino scam

S.C. once had a promising future. A law school graduate, she was hired by a New York firm with the promise of a $250,000-a-year job if she passed the bar, her defense attorney said.

Then, she went to Atlantic City with a couple of friends.

"My life stopped the first day I started gambling," Chai said today in Northampton County Court as she admitted to the latest in more than 15 years of casino-related crimes.

Gamblers' $3.5B suit against OLG rejected

OTTAWA (CBC) - Problem gamblers have lost their bid to a launch a $3.5 billion class action lawsuit against the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Sun Mar 21, 12:03 PM

Between December 1999 and February 2005, more than 10,000 people voluntarily signed "self-exclusion" forms, asking the government-owned lottery corporation to bar them from its gaming sites.

Gambling Addiction Documentary Series A&E


My name is Paul Head, I am a Casting Producer in Los Angeles, I can be reached at, or at my office at 310.606.8248. I am putting together an episode for an explorative and engaging documentary real-life series for A&E.

Almost 50% of Problem Gamblers Are Women

October, 1999. Phoenix, Arizona. Women Problem Gamblers on the Increase

“Whether it’s in a casino or online, poker and other games of chance are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not just men who are addicted, a growing number of women are becoming compulsive gamblers, too. Early Show correspondent Hattie Kauffman takes a closer look at the troubling trend,” news anchor.

“The reality is the longer you gamble compulsively, which is what I was doing, the more you become a compulsive liar,” Melanie Morgan, former gambling addict.