Appropriate Support and Confrontation

After having many years of support group experience in a leader capacity I have learned a few things about appropriate support and confrontations. Many of the situations I dealt with were life and death and loss of a loved one for many reasons including addictions of all sorts. So even though I'm on the other side of the fence right now, I still have the knowledge to be able to relate this information to this group, so it can be more functional. I can hear a lot of frustration in some of the posts right now... so without having to address each and everyone of these...

A Gambler is a Sucker

Written by a 37 year veteran of the casino industry

If people do not lose their money in casinos

They will lose it somewhere else Why not take their money

All gamblers are MUGS All we have to do is get them in the door

They cannot win No casino has ever gone broke It is a license to print money

If people are stupid enough to gamble

They deserve all they get

Or all they DON'T get We sell them a dream

And a dream is all it is

And all it ever will be

We never talk of "gambling" We talk of "playing"

We never mention the word "lose"

Gambling is a Drug

"Gambling is an addictive behavior, make no mistake about it . . . Gambling has all the properties of a psychoactive substance, and again, the reason is that it changes the neurochemistry of the brain." --The American Psychiatric Association

Gamblers Anonymous versus Self-Help Debate

"Every human being is the author of their own health or disease." ~Buddha~

How instrumental is Gamblers Anonymous in overcoming gambling addiction? Is it more effective than self-help? Is Gamblers Anonymous considered self-help?
What works for you?

Gambling Addiction Images

"Well, now, if I take the money out of VISA and pay MasterCard, tell my bank my paycheck will be late, borrow from...this might work."

"I'm gonna get that casino back when I get my next paycheck. They'll pay for taking my money. I've got a new system. Heh heh."

"What was that? I'm how many months late on what bill? I can't hear you. The slot machines are too loud."

"Twenty minutes ago I was even. My gambling system doesn't seem to be working."