Won't be going out for any treats for a while.Life's struck me down with flue! The good news is that I'm not out spending money:-)


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Spending money isn't always

Spending money isn't always a bad thing. It just depends what we spend it on. :-)

Spending money (throwing money away) on gambling is ALWAYS a bad thing.

Remember, wanting to quit is the first step. Just as important: What will we replace gambling with?

Keep it up! One day at a time.

One day at a time.


I keep trying but I confess that I sometimes wobble! However------- the little voice inside saying 'Whoa ' keeps getting I can now rein in quicker.I Check this site each day because as I've said before, coming on here keeps trying to quit in focus.

Don't want to spend any of what I've saved yet because I'll feel more secure when my savings build up a bit more.Great watching it grow.££££'s.Lovely!

Still got enough to spend on makeup,chocolate --------and wine, though.When I'm over this flue! :-)