Day 3

Cant say I feel much different from yesterday. Still have an urge to place a bet, feel disappointed in myself, and feel scared about the road ahead.

I have removed some sports apps that kept notifiying me of shit happening in sports. Which usually would lead me to think I got some good info to go off of to place a bet.

I was able to get more work done than I normally would. I do feel like I can think more clearly although I get a bit depressed at points of the day when I realize how much time, money, and energy I lost during my last relapse. Usually I would smoke some weed to help forget about it and numb out that feeling, but I dont think I deserve to do that. I deserve to feel the pain and deal with it directly.

I saw a picture online a friend posted of his winnings from casino black jack. That definitley triggered something that made we want to go and try to win it back but I stayed strong and just thought about how that usually goes.


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That friend who won at black

That friend who won at black jack, how much money did it take him/her to win that?

There's an old joke, "I just won $1,000 at the casino. But it took me $3,000 to win it."

The house never loses. If we could make money gambling, nobody would have to work.

Staying focussed!

Trying to quit does make us suffer,but we never forget how we suffered when we weren't either.So suffer ,but remember to congratulate yourself every time you avoid gambling.You deserve to feel a little bit of pride in yourself each time you try.

All the best 2016+

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That's why emphasize to

That's why emphasize to treat yourself to the small pleasures in life. All those small pleasures add up to a happy life.