How do I feel today?

I felt really down last week when I got carried away, and after a long stretch of doing so well too.:-( But---today I feel positive again.

.I was able to get my finances straightened out.It hurt my savings of course but at least I didn't mess up anyone else.

So --- it's back to page one.

I've pulled out all my unfinished art work from under the bed so I'm keeping very busy to take my mind off things.

Next week is a new beginning,so must watch myself and not get complacent.Must quit!!!


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What do I want?

I want to get off this roller coaster!

I remembered what you said in one of your earlier posts so have destroyed my credit card!!!:-)I'll be frustrated but it's the least I deserve for backtracking.

Thanks for your strong message.It got through:-)

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How NOT to focus on what you

How NOT to focus on what you want, "I want to stop gambling." --> This thought occupies your mind and the chance of relapse increases.

How to focus on what you want, "I want to build a website. I want to finish a novel. I want to spend more time in nature. I want to paint art, etc."

I want to paint etc.

You make sense and keep me rolling back to where I really want to be.Appreciate your input.x

I now only have £30 pounds a week to manage on.Why do I feel relieved?