NEVER, NEVER, EVER PLAY NO LIMIT POKER--It is a quick, sure way to the poor house.

No limit poker= no limit to your losses The risk/reward ratio is not in your favour. No limit poker is also known as the yo-yo game, roller coaster game, and bipolar game. The swings are so dramatic in each session that anyone playing it for a prolonged period might end up with a mental illness, such as bipolar.

I lost another $300 today at no limit poker. I won my losses back from a few weeks ago, then dropped $300. I'm now officially down $300 from poker in two years. It's a vicious up and down cycle that has to stop.

The first time I played poker over 3 years ago, I lost $3,000. That makes it $3,300 in three years.

I keep making excuses that no limit poker is a form of entertainment, but it's not. The casino is there to take your money. In Alberta, government gambling revenues are higher than oil revenues. When will I get it through my big, fat head that no limit poker is a waste of time and energy?

After each no limit poker session, I replay the hands in my mind and second guess myself. What if I had done this, done that, blah blah blah. No one knows what cards will turn over. There is no peace of mind in no limit poker or house games.

While playing, I examined the dozens of poker players in the room. And everyone single one of them seemed to be down and out. I don't want to end up like them. I won't end up like them.

I have better things to do with my time. It's time to move and leave no limit poker behind. No person, TV ad will convince that no limit poker is a form of entertainment. No limit is way to risky. Sometimes you have to pay $25-$100 just to see the flop. This prevents you from playing good potential hands. Or when you play premium hands, you're beaten by gambling hands. No limit poker is dangerous.

If I ever play poker again, it will only be limit poker. No limit poker is too volatile. The swings can be $200-$500 in a few hands. You can lose thousands in a few days. With limit poker, I can enjoy myself and risk tens of dollars and not hundreds or thousands as in no limit.

Stay away from no limit poker and house games. If you must play poker, play pick-up games with friends or low, limit poker ($3/$6, $4/$8). But not online. A person who played poker for over 20 years told me that some online games were rigged.

No limit poker is the quickest way to the poor house. You can lose hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands or even millions in a few days.


No limit poker=no limit to your losses. The risk/reward ratio for no limit poker is not in your favour.

Gamblers go crazy by second guessing themselves. Let's say you have high pair with high kicker. There's a raise or you raise. Here are the possibilities of what you're up against:

--two pairs
--low pair on a draw
--straight draw
--flush draw
--bluffing or semi-bluffing

Sometimes your high pair holds, often times it doesn't. Now, if you have two pairs, and so on, you're facing similar possibilities. What if, what if, could have been, could have done that, next thing you know your live is a what if, could have done that, could have been that, having squandered it at the poker tables.

When you think about no limit poker, think yo-yo, roller coaster, bipolar, no limit to your losses, risk/reward ratio not in your favour. And did I mention? No limit to your losses?

If you must play poker for entertainment, play low, limit poker. That way, the mechanisms are in place, when you can't control your emotions in the heat of the battle, to prevent you from losing a month's or a year's work in one hand.


If you want to make money

If you want to make money poker, own a poker site. There are so many poker billionaires. Be on the right side of the table.

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My problem was just the opposite that's what started my gambling again I was playing limit poker but I 1 a little bit and got into the 30 60 table I won like $2000 in 10 min...yes I know it's rigged...the next day I wOn another 3000 it SAT there for a week or so and then one night I drank too much and was having problems with a girl and I just lost my mind and all the money and I havebeen chasing it every sense that's why I say you have to forget your winnings and your losses that way up $20 wind seems okay you have to forget that you were once up 5000