Not Sure??

There's a lot in life I'm not sure of. I just hope I'm using this program correctly. I would surely be sad if I found out that my hold night has been wasted because I'm not really a computer friendly person. I too have been looking for a program like this for a long time. I have such low self-esteem it's not even funny. In the 1980's I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disease. Not that I'm blaming this goofy gambling habit on that. It's just that I should have known better to mess with gambling. With my mood swings and all. And again why didn't I seriously act on this. Especially since I felt soooo good going to the casino. Unfortunately most times I didn't feel that way before. When will there be a 2 way conversation with me & someone else? Then I'll know for sure I'm doing this program correctly.


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Regarding bipolar, see if

Regarding bipolar, see if the articles below help: