Cutting up the credit card felt like another hit on my independence and pride at first but when I'd swallowed that pill and saw my bank account building up so fast I was really happy! Thanks Prokopton!

Also thanks to my son's encouragement my art project is taking off.I've got some great feedback and he's talking having prints made so have been very occupied.The good news is,I haven't had the urge to gamble.


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Cutting up your credit cards

Cutting up your credit cards and/or debit cards:

--it's not hurting you
--it's not hurting anyone else
--it's helping you to overcome a problem


Also, to treat yourself to the small pleasures in life so you feel satisfied.

I thought I'd be stressed!

My husband kept my credit card for me once,but it doesn't work,because I would ask him for it,which put him under pressure.

When you're trying to stop you have to clean up your act so you're not affecting other people and don't have that guilt.

I decided to have a very very small amount of cash three times a week,so I don't spend it all at once!

I now have a project which occupies more of my time.

It also helped when I got another 6 months reprieve on my last check- up for the big C. :-)

I'm glad to say that I don't feel as stressed.Things are looking up just now!

Thanks for all your help! x