Here I am again after quite a long calm break.

I have been reading the recent stories from people struggling with addiction.People in worse positions than me,and sadly there's no magic cure.just hard work and continually watching over yourself.

I'm still trying to make it back,but if I take my eyes off the board and relax,it can come back.

I gave in to it two weeks ago.I didn't break the bank however because I'd saved some money up when I'd quit,which easily covered what I spent.I was disgusted with myself though and I'm watching myself harder than ever.

I'm lucky enough to still have quite a bit of money left,so I'm now trying to build it back up again.

You are right.It's a big hill to climb!

I'm still climbing,and send out my very best wishes to everyone who's trying to do the same!


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Keep it up! One day at a

Keep it up! One day at a time.

Enjoy the small things in life. They all add up to the good life!

My progress!

Thanks for your encouragement.It really helps!