Sunday 2 January 2010

Today was a living hell.

Spouse was still sick with standard cold/flu symptoms.

Massive downswing... not sure how much... don't really care how much. He should not have been playing. He said a lot of things and I said a lot of things but I do not remember what they were.

Deep depression after the post work fight. Suicidal thoughts were getting out of hand so I called a crisis line and stayed on the phone until my medication kicked in.

We had more discussion later after he lost a trivial amount trying to get away from me. I have made his life hell today... just criticized and judged... nothing I should have done was accomplished. I have never held a successful job in my life. I am so weak and needy that I force him into this wretched poker work.

I hate myself.


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A cab driver who played

A cab driver who played poker everyday for 20 years told me that online poker is rigged.

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There's a lot of aspects in a person that needs to be healed once he is addicted and drowned to depression.

I hope things turned out the

I hope things turned out the best for everyone involved.