The year of being gamble and weed free

Well its a new year and a new day. Day 2 without gambling and Day 1 without smoking weed.

I have never attempted quiting both at the same time. But I have made the choice to be without two vices that have consumed me for over 11 years straight. No knock on smoking weed, I enjoy it. But just like gambling I have abused it to escape from reality. I wont go on about that as this is a gambling help site. For me one feeds off the other though. I am not as confident on how long I can go cold turkey on smoking weed but I will try and if I fail I will try again.

I have been here before, without gambling, and just like then I looked back on to the games to see if I would have won.

I realized that I was too easily focusing on the games that did win and my mind was blocking out the games that lost. I caught myself saying "I would have won x amount on that" then I remembered I would have lost 1.5 times that on an earlier game.

With how sports betting odds work your bound to lose if you play the way most of us degenerate gamblers would.

I do feel the urge to put a bet down but last night was the first night in weeks maybe months that I was able to enjoy the company around me. Usually my mind is consumed with thinking about the score of a game or being depressed after losing a bet. Even if I did win I would lose it the next day or the next game so my good moods were short lived. I liked not feeling numb but I wont lie I missed that extreme feeling of excitement and being on edge when you put a bet down. I know theres other ways to get that high again.

Falling back into this rabbit hole of gambling I neglected the hobbies that kept me sane and happy like Muay Thai. I am going to start this again on a regular basis come Monday, something I havent done regularly in over 6 months. When I would start while gambling Id be checking scores or even if I left my phone my mind was on a game that I would never even care to watch.

I am planning on tracking my progress. Probably not daily but a couple times a week at least. I think it does help writing what you felt each day or else, like most of you know, its easy to forget how gambling made you feel.

Its always good to remind yourself of the positive in your life. I have a job that only I can put a limit on, a puppy that brightens up my day, a loving support and family around me, but even more importantly my loving wife who deserves more than I have been able to provide.


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If you stop gambling, what

If you stop gambling, what will you replace it with?

I replaced my gambling with building websites, writing books, going to the gym, and playing chess.

Just as important as quitting, is WHAT WILL WE REPLACE GAMBLING WITH?

If we don't keep busy with other things, the gambling bug will creep up again.

Best regards.