Today is it!!

I need to quit gambling. I have lost too much money. I live from pay day to pay day. Today is the day. I am hoping to journal here and hope it makes a difference. I have to get away from this awful stuff. It is fun and very difficult to walk away from. I have to have the energy, and will power to do so. God, give me strength to do this!!!


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Keep it simple

All the best to you.

In a casino, money becomes chips with little value. I literally gave way thousands of dollars to the casinos and complained how expensive grapes were. Such as the mind of a compulsive gambler.

Life is beautiful when we enjoy its small pleasures: good food, good friends, good hobbies, good sex, good sleep, good work. Also, to face our problems when they arise and not hide from them through drugs and gambling (which is a drug).

KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)

All the best.

Give me strength !

I too have lost too much money,my integrity and self esteem along with it and am trying hard to walk away.

When I get payed I pay what I owe.Then I put as much money as I can into a saver.When I go out I can't get immediate access to this but only what's in my current account.This limits what I can spend and I find this helps whilst I'm trying to stop gambling.It acts as a buffer too in case I fall back.

Never stop trying!Be creative!

Thinking of you!