Trip to town!

Got so I was worried when I had to go shopping in town.Promised myself that I wouldn't buy any scratch cards but because I needed to go in the post office spent £10 on two.Scared myself and rushed out!I had quite a bit of money on me that I'd saved at home so I felt shaky but managed get all my jobs done and put what was left into the bank.Whew!

It's not all bad though because I've now saved a bit of money over the last couple of weeks and I'm more aware.I was quite proud that I didn't spend lots of money on them like I usually do.

I did win £5 so I'll have to be careful when I go to redeem my scratch card.


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Did you "treat yourself" to

Did you "treat yourself" to a few small pleasures in life? High end chocolate, Greek Yogurt... :-)


Actually,stupid though it may seem,it was quite a treat to be able to afford to get my winter boots soled and heeled.Normally completely broke!:-)

When you gamble you go on automatic pilot,mindless in a way,and can end up without enough for essentials.

I was usually overdrawn till recently so it's a treat to have some money in the bank.

Did get treated to a bottle of red wine on Friday but I didn't pay for that!

I feel good! I feel happy! is my Mantra for this week,so I'll send this thought out :-)

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Been there. Done that. I

Been there. Done that.

I used to lose hundreds in a weekend, then cried about how much a pound of purple grapes cost.

Keep up the great work!

Feel good.

Haven't felt the usual neurotic urge to go and spend on the SC's this weekend so,yes I feel relaxed and yes I feel pretty good!That's progress!

Being able to afford the simple things is very gratifying isn't it?

Thanks for your support!

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"Eating well is a form of

"Eating well is a form of self-love."

Eating well,sleeping well!

Money went in yesterday and all's well with my bank account.I can sleep at night!

My husband's just handed me a large bar of chocolate.I think he's sleeping better too!