Gambling Addiction

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Dr. Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., is a pioneering voice in the field of addiction.

Interview with a Recovering Compulsive Gambler

My name is Marilyn Lancelot and I am a recovering compulsive gambler. I visited my first casino in 1984 at the age of 53. For seven years, my boyfriend and I made the four-hour trek from Yuma, AZ to Laughlin, NV every weekend. I learned early on how to lie to my family and friends and how to sign my employers' name to company checks. I considered suicide and planned it so it would like an accident.

Almost 50% of Problem Gamblers Are Women

October, 1999. Phoenix, Arizona. Women Problem Gamblers on the Increase

“Whether it’s in a casino or online, poker and other games of chance are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not just men who are addicted, a growing number of women are becoming compulsive gamblers, too. Early Show correspondent Hattie Kauffman takes a closer look at the troubling trend,” news anchor.

“The reality is the longer you gamble compulsively, which is what I was doing, the more you become a compulsive liar,” Melanie Morgan, former gambling addict.

How psychologist views problem

Problem Gamblers Face Myriad of Other Problems. It’s all reinforcement leading to depression, frustration, anger, in some cases suicide, many cases separation, in a lot of cases divorce. Being designed (?) by friends, family, loved ones. It becomes a lonely life.

It’s amazing how every little bit contributes to a person’s thinking. The subliminal mind thinking, “I could be one of these lucky people to win a car, a million dollars, or win a house."

New findings about gambling addiction

SANDIE RINALDO: Football season is now fully underway on both sides of the border. And whenever you have pro football there is one thing you can bet on, people will wager on the outcome of the games. And as the scope of betting grows, so do the problems that come with it. But scientists are now discovering that gambling addictions may have a biological basis. CTV's medical specialist Avis Favaro explains.

AVIS FAVARO (Reporter): Most people can visit a casino, bet on sports or buy lottery tickets without a problem. But for some, gambling becomes a potent addiction.

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