Help for son with gambling problem

Son is out West, thinking he is going to Salt Lake to get monthly rently
and send money, only he gambles money, then calls screaming, that he has
done that, I am afraid he will do something stupid other than gamble, which
he has talked in the recent past. OMG this is really hard for me to deal

Out West gambling!

It's always so sad and difficult when people get in a mess gambling and I expect you feel a bit helpless him being away from home.

He's admitted this to you and now he needs to stand back and admit it clearly to himself and see what can be done.He needs to know that there is always a way for a positive outcome even if it means facing up to accepting the consequences.You have to follow this road as it leads you back to the right path!

Try to persuade him to use one of these sites where he'll get help and encouragement.

This helped me.

All the very best!