How I got addicted.

Hi! I'm Corash and my addiction is buying scratch cards.I lived in Canada for many years and am now in the UK where they are now sold in most stores so it's impossible to avoid them.I became addicted slowly without really noticing over many years until it grew into a serious compulsion.Like many others on this site it eroded my pride,and my integrity.I'm here to try to get that back!

Everyone has commitments and pressures in this life and I believe that mine over th last 30 years,being at times quite huge,kept nudging me down the slippery slope,so here I am!

I'm 70 and I've been trying to rocket myself into the technological age like yesterday!I've made a complete mess trying to use this site properly as I'm not very confident even yet.I' think i've been posting things in the wrong places and replying to my own replies which is pretty sad.Just hope I don't crash the system! I'm trying to start again by briefly introducing myself but I really want to stay on this site and learn all that I can.

I've read a lot of sad stories and a lot of encouraging comments and good advice.I feel a lot of empathy for everyone who's been affected by this affliction.

As with smoking,cutting down does'nt seem to work when you're already in it's grip and all it takes to set you off again,as happened with me today,is a stress overload.Not being able to control this is driving me nuts but I'll will keep trying and send my best to everyone.

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"If you could make money

"If you could make money gambling, nobody would have to work."

For some, it's not about money.
You can't escape yourself. Pleasure has a price.