Is there such a thing as "controlled gambling" for fun?

I've been betting on NFL games, $2 a ticket. I get excited by the thrill. Is this a good idea for a former gambling addict? : :?

I bet that 2 dollars led

I bet that 2 dollars led back up to where you quit. Theres no such thing as controlled gambling for most. It all eventually spirals to hell before you know it. Im attempting cold turkey quiting now. No bets ever. I have tried the controlled aspect but that just led to "if I bet my original I would be up so much"

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"You cannot beat a roulette

"You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it." —Albert Einstein

I think the same applies to all house games. The house never loses.

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That first bet is dangerous

That first bet is dangerous because it opens the door to the second, third, fourth bets...then full-blown relapse.