Gambling Systems

"A gambler with a system must be, to a greater or lesser extent, insane." - George Augusta Sala (1828-95), English Writer and journalist.

"Casinos do not need crooked roulette wheels, they always have the edge on the payouts, i.e. 37 number including '0' and you get paid 35/1. So, the house always has the edge. It may not seem much of an edge, but slowly, that edge will eat you alive. Something like this: every $100 you spend in bets costs you $2.50. So, you play 4 bets of $25 and you lost $2.50 of that on 'average'. By the time you make those $25 bets for a few hours…you've done your money! So let's say luck is on your side and one give night your luck overcomes the odds and you win $500. That would be fine, would it not? Well, it would be fine if you never ever made another bet. But it does not work like that. You go again and sooner or later the TRUE odds will come around…and your $500 win has gone and then you are eating into your own money again…and sooner or later you are broke. It can never be any other way.

"I have been around gamblers for 37 years and seen all the 'systems', heard all of the 'excuses', heard most of the lies and the self-delusions. I know casino games inside out and backwards. I know most of the 'cheat moves' from the inside and out (some are still being developed). I know card counting systems, ace location, shuffle tracking, and money management systems. Now, ask yourself one question: After 37 years on the inside, and with all the knowledge I have, why do I still need to work? "I have a friend who is an excellent poker player. He learned the game from the Greeks. It cost him a small fortune just to 'learn' the game by playing. He spent 5 years studying books, talking to top players and learning. Then he started playing professionally. He now works in the casino I just left. He has paid all his debts back now. He does not play poker anymore." -- Ravisher.

In every game of chance-whether it is poker, sports betting, blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, baccarat, VLTs, lottery, or horses-- where you are betting against the house, casino, bookie, whether in person or online, the odds are fixed according to the laws of probability. The odds are fixed against you and the probability that you will win anything in the long-run is zero. There is no exception to the rule.

So why do we keep throwing our money away if experience has shown us that we can't win? Because as problem gamblers we have very selective memories. We only want to remember the "wins" and dismiss the losses. As an example, look at the win/loss pattern below modeled after random flips of a coin, heads are wins and tails are losses.

2 wins, 1 win, 3 losses, 2 wins, 1, win, 3 losses, 2 wins, 1 win, 4 losses, 1 win, 1 win, 4 losses, 1 win.

How many times did you win? 12. How many times did you lose? 14. The odds of 12-14 might not sound like much but that's how you get fleeced in the long-run.

"The only way to make money in a casino is to own one." - -Steve Wynn, owner of The Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn Resort and Hotel Casino.

How You Lose at Poker: "Here is an example of how the gambling house will always win all the money from all of the players. Five players sit-in on an online poker game each with a $20 bankroll for a total at the website table of $100. Let's say the average pot is $10 and the rake is 5% or 50 cents per hand. Let's say 200 hands are played which does not take that long. After 200 hands, that 50 cents rake per hand totals $100 which is the entire amount that all of the players started with at the website table. Of course not all of the players go broke at the exact same time and fresh money can come into the game. But sooner or later each gambler will eventually lose their $20 bankroll every time without exception. If bringing in $20, that will also eventually be lost. Every amount brought in will eventually be lost through continued play. Those are the facts in a nutshell. Any honest mathematician, statistician, or numbers expert who understands the game of poker, would not dispute the example in this paragraph." --Stephen Katz

"99.9% of the public, including myself, have two chances: One is slim and the other is none-and slim is out of town." --Lefty Ronsenthal, played by Robert De Niro in Casino.

Well, there you have it. Gambling is not a game of luck, intuition, or superstition. The engine behind gambling is mathematics.

"For the poor, the lottery is not harmless entertainment. It is a desperate attempt to survive. But the odds of winning are so cruel that the lottery turns out to be theft by consent." -- Dr. J. Emmett Henderson, head of the Georgia Council on Moral and Civic Concerns.

"The best throw at dice is to throw them away." --Mark Twain

"I do not know if you know or not, but I have 'tested' casinos and game for online gaming for the owners of some of those sites. I was in the casino business in 'live games' for 37 years. During the weeks of testing the software, I could not even win with FREE money. I took what I wanted from the cage and played as much as I liked. I tried every system I know. And I know some. And I know what I am doing. It is IMPOSSIBLE to win. I repeat, IMPOSSIBLE. Oh, they post the "winners". Highest "winner of the week" the month.. whatever. They are NOT winners. They are TEMPORARY "winners". They will give you "FREE" money to play with... "BONUSES" "PRIZES" and all kinds of "freebies". Those are the HOOKS. The HOOKS to catch the stupid fish.

"Now ask yourself, is that what you want to be? A stupid fish?

"Those people are out there to rob you blind... and I mean 'blind' because you are living a lie. They sell you a 'dream' in the form of a lie. And you are buying into that lie. And they do not give a rats ass who they rob, or who's lives they destroy in their total and utter greed. They do not care if your marriage gets destroyed, of if your children go hungry, or even if you end up murdering your family and shooting your brains out. THEY DO NOT CARE... because when you are gone, there will be another to take your place...

"Turn that 2 days into 20 days and then 200 and then... for the rest of your LIFE."

May your God be with you.