Would not recommend this to anyone

Tonight I got so angry with the itch of wanting to go to the casino I decided to go meet it head on. I loaded up my wallet with $800 and went with a vow not to play. I drank beers and got quite buzzed (intentional self weakening), and stood and watched craps, black jack, and pai gow...all the games I love - even made myself sit in front of video poker at the bar. Stayed for 3 hours and pushed the limits of temptation, did NOT gamble, and I feel like a hundred dollars right now...make that eight hundred right now. Yes, this is a self fullfilling pat on the back, I feel strong! I even went to the games at the place that took me for a huge loss 6 days ago. A couple times it took all my willpower not to throw $300 out there, bit I did it...and tomorrow is day 7, one day closer to success. Stupid? Sadistic? I want to dis-associate this urge, take away all its power and show it who's boss. I want to walk into the hottest casino in a few years and not think twice about the fact that I'm not losing a dime. I do not gamble.

hey man. I did a same thing but a little bit different. Last time when I were in casino, I think its 2 weeks ago now,
I was playing slots, and I start thinking: I spending my life by seting on front of this box, with bonus games, all bright lines , where is everthing fix up inside , so you can only lose, and while I was thinking like that I stop have fun, I was really thinking ( no adrenalin it all), so afther my $20 gone, I stend up, and walk away.
So, main idea, dont give you life away, dont be a zombee,
and f..k the owner of f..ing casino, dont give him you money.