Paul D.
Industry Insider

If someone told me 27 years ago when I made my first wager that when you are 39 years old you will lose everything and be in place where there are no freedoms. I would have told them that they were crazy because I am an intelligent person and I can "control" my gambling. The fact of the matter is the gambling took over my life and ruined it and ruined the lives of my family. It is an insidious addiction; I did things that no rational person would do. I didn’t think of the consequences and I am here to tell anyone that will listen that there are serious consequences for all of my horrible actions.

My name is Paul and I am compulsive gambler, it has been over three years since my last bet. Three years ago I didn't realize I was a compulsive gambler; however; when I was confronted by my employer for embezzling it finally "hit" me that I am and will always be a compulsive gambler. Read Interview

Paul Greenberg
Co-Founder, Child Gambling Protection Project

Child Gambling Protection Project is an organization whose main goal is to develop, maintain and improve software to block child gambling and prevent addictive online gaming. Currently, we focus on poker gambling by blocking access to downloadable software on the child`s computer as well as to poker websites.

We focus on providing parents with a tool to help prevent teenagers` addictive online gambling behavior. There are two purposes of our anti gambling software: preventive and reinforcing. Read Interview

Dr. Stanton Peele
PhD, J.D.

Dr. Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., is a pioneering voice in the field of addiction. A psychologist, in 1975 he published Love and Addiction, which originated the modern view that addiction occurs in many areas of behavior aside from drug use. He likewise popularized harm reduction – or reducing the harm for users rather than anticipating that all users will cease. Dr. Peele believes that the current notion that addiction is a disease is actually a symptom of America’s addictiveness – viewing alcohol, drugs, and an increasing number of other things as overpowering simply means we will create more addicts. For Stanton, addiction is commonplace – but most addicts outgrow their habits if they have opportunities to develop meaningful, normal connections to life. Read Interview

Marilyn Lancelot
Gamblers Anonymous

My name is Marilyn Lancelot and I am a recovering compulsive gambler. I visited my first casino in 1984 at the age of 53. For seven years, my boyfriend and I made the four-hour trek from Yuma, AZ to Laughlin, NV every weekend. I learned early on how to lie to my family and friends and how to sign my employers' name to company checks. I considered suicide and planned it so it would like an accident. Read Interview