My husband has a gambling addiction problem

I should have realized long ago that my husband has a gambling problem
but it didn't hit me till last weekend that he is a pathological
gambler. He has lost serious money several times during the past 10
years. Each and every time he has vowed never to do it again but as it
turned out he couldn't stay away too long. He "invests" on the
commodities and foreign exchange market.

I now have read all the information I could find on the internet and I
know I shouldn't threaten to leave him.But I have a hard time believing
him now that I found out that he had been lying to me since the day we
got married. We have two children and I don't want them to suffer from

He has also realized that he doesn't have control over this habit and
wants to quit BUT he still has 200 $ in an account on the FX market and
wants to keep it there as closure(?) and he says he won't add any
money to it if it starts to go in the wrong direction. I on the other
hand think if he wants to quit he needs to do it bluntly and not leave
anything open...

I need help and suggestions. We do not reside in the States and it is
hard to find counseling here.


Posted: 11 Jun 2006 06:40 pm Post subject:
I understand your anguish with your husband's gambling. Commodoties and stock market speculations are gambling. Have you tried looking up Gam-Anon on the internet? It's for families and friends of gamblers. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know it's hard for you. Please come here to post again, perhaps someone else can help you. Kiki