DAMN, I relapsed

I caved today, i couldnt resist the urge and i gabmled and lost $200.. how can i avoid these uncontroable urges?

i am very disspointed with myself. Frown

pls help, any advice would be great.



It is EASY to give into those urges and HARD to NOT gamble; however; identify those things that trigger you to gamble. Such as depression, loneliness, boredom, arguments, etc., and then fight those urges by doing something OTHER than gambling. Call a friend or loved one, take the dog for a walk, read a book, go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, do anything but gambling.

Once you start to break the urges to gamble the days will get easier but if you continue to fall back into gambling life will be difficult. A life without gambling is so much richer than a life with gambling and I know you will find this out. Also, don't be so hard on yourself at least you are trying that is more than most people.

Continue to try each day and I know you will have a gamble free day which will lead to a gamble free week which will lead to a gamble free month which will lead to a gamble free year but you can only do this ONE DAY AT A TIME. You can do it and life will be so much better.


hi, i don't have any sage wisdom.i'm still battling up hill too.i did realize a little something today,maybe gave myself some insight on how to battle better the next time.
recently our town under went a smoking ban.o.k.
the bingo hall that i would go to had to become non-smoking.o.k.i was fine with that having quit smoking ten years ago.
imagine the whining,sniveling and gnashing of teeth.i empathize,i've been there.but after about a week,they added another intermission break to accommodate the smokers.
yes,it was still only the amount of time that was previously allotted for intermission,just divided into two breaks.
needless to say this didn't sit well with me,i've been at the beck and call of nicotine addicts enough.enough i say!!
anyhow i told them that as long as that's the "program"iwasn't coming back anymore.imagine,one non-smoker vs.50-70 smokers.well you can about figure how that went.
this afternoon i went in,wasted 5 bucks in pull tabs and asked "the" question.....you guys still taking a second intermission for the smokers?YUP...can you believe.....any way i got miffed,nope can't play here no more.
as i was leaving my brain was in a tirade with itself.they're low lifes encouraging people to smoke,..heck,enabling them.....then the flood gates opened...duh,they enable gambling addictions too,and if it means being able to allow smoking inside,they'll get a liquor license and enable that addiction too.
this particular bingo place is charitable,non-profit
proceeds going to an organization for the disabled.
what an ugly circle of events.
i don't think i want to support any of it anymore,
bingo hall "joke",......win anything?nah,just donating.
fact:just exersizing my addiction for these peoples benefit.Ijust wonder,who's gonna run a charity for us when we're "disabled" from gambling.Ain't gonna happen,helps me to remind myself how insidious these addictions are.and there are people out there waiting to exploit them,'cause it's easy.and they'll gladly make it sound like it's fun,or worth your time,money,life and your sanity.
well.i guess i'm ranted out for the moment. tyvm