Woman admits killing parents for poker money

A woman has confessed that she murdered her parents last week to get their life insurance money for her video-poker addiction, authorities said.

Sheriff Duane Blair said the 28-year-old woman admitted to shooting her father, 58, between the eyes as he lay in bed before going to another bedroom and shooting her mother, 51, in the chest.

The couple died Jan. 25, shortly after the woman went to their house to pick up one of her daughters. After putting the child in the car, she went back inside and killed the two with her father's gun, Blair said.

``She apparently had an obsessive addiction to video poker and put every penny she had or could get or could steal into those machines,'' he said.

Deputies said the woman also admitted robbing her parents' home, misappropriating funds from their bank accounts and cutting phone lines so the bank could not contact them.

Neighbors reported that her father had previously paid substantial gambling debts for her.