You don't have to be alone anymore

I have read a lot of journals here, have talk to people on other internet sites for gambling and the thing I always find common is that people think they have to do it alone. It is difficult the first time you go to a gamblers anonymous meeting because its the first step to really admitting to yourself that you have a serious problem and to say that in front of other people is hard, but you are not alone there.

I would have stayed on line if I would have found sites like this, and it would have taking me longer to get recovery because I would have stayed in my isolationism.

I think sites like this are good with Gamblers anonymous. There is nothing like being in a room full of people that finally understand what it's like to lie to the people you love, to beat yourself up as you are sitting in your car, to spend your very last dollar wondering how you are going to pay for your kids lunch money this week, to write bad checks and worry about it later, only other gamblers know the craziness that this addiction creates.

You don't have to be alone anymore, try Gamblers anonymous one more time. Give yourself ninety days, if it doesn't work then hey it's only ninety days. Take your life back one day at a time, but don't do it by yourself. I tried to stop for nineteen years by myself, trust me it doesn't work.

I had those conversations in front of the mirror daily, today I'm not going to make a bet. Today I will not bring my ATM, or cash to work. I just don't think you can do it by yourself and why should you.

Today I have two years 10 months and 22 days without a bet thanks to GA meetings, working the program and other complusive gamblers who work the program. Just to give you a little back ground on me, I have worked in a casino for over twenty years, I live with a complusive gambler in my home and I live in Nevada. It can be done; take a chance, you don't have to be alone anymore.

Denise C.