Why did I do it?

I went 4 days and i had started to feel really normal again, i got home from work this morning my girlfriend out, and instead of going to bed i broke, feel a bit crap about it, but not too bad. I really have this feeling:- like that was it, i hope it is. And i know in a few days i can feel normal again, just need not to give in to that feeling. I think i have realised i can't really win, and even if i do i will just loose whatever i won, so whats the point.

You asked about gambling in the UK? It is for sure a growing problem here, at present there are very few casinos in this country so it is hard to say how big the problem is, there are loads of bookies but in general i would say there is more of a "behind closed doors" attitude to gambling over here, apart from the lottery ofcourse. But they have just relaxed the laws and many new big super casinos are mean't to be going ahead. So i think things will get worse over the next decade or so.


Challis - yes you do have to put your losses behind and move on.

Great advice - I just wish I could follow it.

I can create a graph over time and pick out any point in the past in which if I had stopped gambling how much better my life would be now. Even a week ago I would be better off now.

Point is stop now or we will be saying the same thing in the future. The quality of our lives will improve in direct relation to the time spent away from the Casinos.

Now you just pissed away a nice windfall. I did the same thing to a 7k last month. That moneys gone now but there will be other windfalls in the future which we can hopefully enjoy if we stay out of the casinos.

BTW - Casninos and gambling in general is booming here in the States. Its not just Vegas anymore. Other States as legalizing it and Casino's are going up all over. Plus we have Indian Reservation Casinos which are expempt from State laws. Native Americans are currently exacting their revenge with Casinos.


Boy, it sure is easy to get back in the habit of wanting to go gamble again. I have gone 14 days now and think about it every day. I had some extra money yesterday and started scheming to go to the casino. What stopped me was the exact question I have asked myself so many times "why did I do it"?